Everest Poker Sign Up Bonus

If you want to make the most of your Everest Poker sign up bonus you should sign up through this site, using “EPMAX” as bonus code. The reason is that if you do use our bonus code, your sign up bonus will be $200 for your first deposit which you’ll be able to unlock by generating 2,000 Summit Points. Summit Points are Everest’s FPPs, and that means you’ll have to generate 10 such points per dollar of bonus unlocked.

The bonus is only released in one lump sum, as soon as you reach 2,000 Summit points which would normally be a drawback, because it’d make it extremely difficult to unlock the bonus on time.

Everest Poker’s sign up bonus doesn’t expire though, so you can take your time unlocking it: there’s no rush.

If you feel you’re not really getting a fair chance at unlocking your bonus (being a rookie, it might prove difficult indeed), there’s another option you could go for: $10 after you’ve generated 100 Summit Points. The Summit points/ bonus unlocked ratio will still be 10/1, but you’ll be able to get your hands on some bonus money faster.

If you do not sign up using “EPMAX“, you’ll get the regular bonus, which amounts to $100, but in order to redeem it you’ll have to generate 14.2 Summit Points per bonus dollar, which means you’ll spend more time and money unlocking your bonus, and get less value.

The Summit Points can not only be used for bonus redemption, they can be traded in for Everest merchandize, or you can buy into tournaments with them.

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