Lots of Exclusive Poker Freerolls are running this Month

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If you’re a freeroll hunter who’s trying to build an online poker bankroll, you should know that there’s an excellent opportunity available to play in lots of exclusive freerolls. As you may already know, exclusive freerolls offer a great chance to win money because the field sizes are vastly reduced. Now compare this to open-entry freerolls, where anybody can enter so long as they have an account at a particular online poker site.

Okay, so now that we’ve established how exclusive poker freerolls offer players a good chance to win because of reduced field sizes, let’s take a look at the specific opportunity that we mentioned before.

PokerStop June Freerolls

From now until June 30th, 2012, PokerStop.com players have the chance to play in dozens of exclusive freerolls. As explained at PokerStop poker freerolls page, those wishing to play in the June freerolls – or any other free tournaments past June – need to create an account at PokerStop; the purpose of this is so that you receive their exclusive passwords.

When you’ve created a PokerStop account, you want to download software for the poker sites whose freerolls you wish to play. So in the case of PokerStars, you’d download their software, create an account, and register for the desired freeroll with your exclusive PokerStop password.

Remaining Freerolls Schedule

We’ve put the remaining schedule for these June freerolls below, and as you can see, there’s plenty of free poker tournaments left. The freerolls all offer $20 prize pools, so if you play in enough of them you’ll have a very good opportunity to win some cash.

How Does Mobile Gaming Apps Development Be Innovative And Appealing? A Guide For Developers!

After conquering the hearts of gamblers in the brick and mortar setups as well as in the virtual world, gambling has entered the amazing mobile zone. With every passing day, mobile gambling opportunities are increasing in number and there is no doubt that these gaming options are adding pleasure to the already frustrated life of people around the globe. Whether it’s a necessity (due to moneymaking aspect), or a trend, mobile gambling is the favorite pastime for global players.

Apart from players’ perspective about gambling, when it comes to developers and gaming sites, busy in introducing new games to attract the players, there are several aspects to consider so that gamblers could take the right action at the right time. This piece of writing will discuss the main things that a mobile games developing company should consider while giving the final touches to innovation.

How To Deal With Loads Of Data?

When thousands of players will play at the mobile-based poker tables, don’t you think the server could crash? The server load can be reduced by using pre-shuffled decks and presenting the players with possible scenarios out of which they have to choose. However, the game architecture, hosted in the cloud, is another good remedy to lower the server load. This setup allows easy scaling as per tables and players’ count and makes the game more realistic.

How To Enhance The Features?

Just listen to what players expect and what they want. Only those features would be useful which could engage the players. Collecting feedback from the players can support the enhancement procedure. Banners are best to be used for this purpose. Another approach is to offer certain incentives to the players who will participate in the survey. It will surely encourage the players to give realistic feedback.

How Could The Survey Help You?

The feedback survey can tell you

  • How do the players reach your gaming zone? It will help in future marketing efforts.
  • What are the most appealing features for the players? It will support future developments or updates in the games.

Other than survey, chat of the developers with the players, after they played the game, would not only create goodwill among the players, but it would also let the developers know what actually the players want in terms of improvement in the mobile games.

How To Make The Games Updated With Technological Advancements?

It’s an important factor and may involve some investment at the end of the developing company. Keeping pace with the technological advancements not only helps the developers to come up with the games as per new mobile standards, but also to introduce innovation in poker as well that could be welcomed by the gamblers.

How To Facilitate The Players For Cash-Less Games?

It would be a great gesture by the gaming site to provide the players with non-cash based game purchase options. It doesn’t mean that the casino or the developing company wouldn’t earn that way, they would, but the players without cash would also be able to play the games of their choice. The players could be asked to watch some video or support a survey by filling the form against getting free chips to play the game. It will surely appeal the players who are victims of global economic crunch. However, tracking is important to know how and when the players purchase the in-game items so that future adjustments could be made as per items’ performance.

Is It Important To Market The Mobile Game Apps?

Of course it is! One can’t expect to get the quality users downloading the apps if these are just built and not marketed rightly. While planning about the marketing strategies, the main objective should be to hit the high quality targeted audiences. If the Ads are displayed at ordinary places, then possibilities are there to receive not-targeted audiences as well that will disturb the actual active players of the game. Be innovative in marketing as well!

Almost every online poker site is introducing its mobile version to capture the attention of mobile gamblers. One thing that mobile gamblers shouldn’t forget is the bonus offers made by the mobile casinos, like party poker offers party poker bonus for its mobile casino players as well. However, mobile apps development is taking the mobile gambling to new heights. This has increased the responsibility of mobile apps developing companies many folds to come up with innovative as well as useful gaming options to appeal to the targeted players.

How Does Poker Help The Job Hunters? Best Poker Lessons For Winning A Dream Job!

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Are you on job hunt?

Do you play poker?

Confused about the link between both questions?

Stop thinking and start reading!

Poker is not just a game to play in leisure time or just a trend to follow, neither an influence of friends’ interest, nor a money making way. It’s an activity that can change your mind, can change your life, can make the situations the way you want; however, it’s possible only if you know

What to learn in poker?

How to learn in poker?

How to correlate the real life situations with poker?

When to implement the poker learning in real life?

What poker strategies to use in real life?

Amongst all real life situations, job, career are of utmost significance that need right choices, right analysis, and careful moves. How does poker can influence the job hunt or can help an individual in performing excellent in the best job interview to win over? The lines below will explain this thing in detail.

Poker And Tough Job Market

Poker game principles not only help the experts to implement the rules in real life, newbie players can also take lessons while playing for the very first time. For a job hunt, a person needs assertiveness, risk calculation, and initiative; that’s what poker teaches to its players. Fearlessness while taking steps is another thing that poker imparts in its players and that’s what an individual needs while being on job hunt.

Poker – Women – Job Hunt

Poker game gives the best lesson to women seeking job and that is “Be Bold.” Showing audacity is not bad while bargaining against one’s skills; instead staying modest can prove to be killing to avail better job opportunities.

Poker And Preparing For Job Interview

All poker players might agree that they observe other players at the table, size them up so that they could choose whom to play against for a favorable game. The same lesson implies to job hunting. Do research the company before appearing in the job interview; know their objectives, their goals, know their products, their services, their presence in social media, and foremost, little information about the interviewer. As you read reviews of poker sites before joining a one, like if you want to join Bodog Poker, then surely you will read a Bodog poker review at first, the same is true for reviewing the company you are going for interview. Get prepared to win your dream job; poker lessons will help you a lot.

Poker And During The Interview Performance

Juts like in poker game where players pay special attention to the tells, an interviewee also needs to observe the non-verbal tells for better response to any of the interviewer’s question. Maintain eye contact; sit straight on your back, instead of keeping the eyes down and having fumbling hands that show your fear. Also, don’t let the interviewers get bored or distracted; re-engage them.

Poker – Bluff – Interview

Bluffing in poker is considered logical, but in interview, you can put your repute on stake by using this strategy. However, you can do little embellishment to your responses, but avoid total lies. Show you are good in something if you know the thing up to 70% and have interest in learning more. If you never come across a thing or a job, don’t say you have done that. Complete bluffing in interview can cause heavy loss to your repute.

Poker Face – Put After Successful Interview

Once you are successful in interview, it’s time to put the poker face. Bet the way you want and make the deal, if not perfect then at least better for you. Don’t go for the first offer, it will never be the best one.

Poker And Losing The Interview Or A Job

Just like in poker, not every hand can be a winner, same situation can happen in job or in an interview. It has nothing to do with your qualification. Despite moving the right way and using the right strategies, you are losing. As in poker, a player should not let the bad beat ruin the rest of the games; failure in one job interview shouldn’t affect your future job hunt or interviews.

Poker And Hopelessness Due To Continuous Failures

If you are failing continuously in your job hunt efforts, it doesn’t mean lose all hopes. In poker, there are many players who were losing the game in big tournaments, but a single chip saved them and they come out as winners. Motivation and determination are two things that can keep you moving with your job hunt and reaching some better place.

Poker And Risking For Some Better Job Option

Leaving a bad job where you are not satisfied is a good sin. Just like in poker, a player should know when to fold the cards; an individual should know when it’s the right time to switch for some better option.


Poker is a game to give the players life long lessons. It teaches them to stay confident, be bold, move cautiously, chose wisely, analyze attentively, and behave intelligently. All these attributes can make an individual landing at his/her dream job.

Are you interested in poker or will take interest from now on to learn better skills for winning a better job? Do it, you will see the benefits!

Happy job hunting and happy poker playing

How Does Poker Game Impact Decision-Making In Real Life?

People play games to stay fit, physically and mentally, or to get entertained. Other than these two advantages, sports always leave a lasting impact over decision-making power of an individual. Poker, in particular, can direct people to take right decisions at right time. How is it possible? In the lines below, you will read discussion about poker and its influence in routine life decision making. A must read analysis for all poker fans who want to use this game’s skills in real life. A poker champ’s opinion will also be given for authenticity of the analysis. Here you go!

Rafe Furst, a WSOP champ, just works for connecting people and resources for right ideas and then the results are marvelous, as he is known as an angel investor, a mentor, an expert advisor. Having a background of symbolic systems and computer science with expertise in poker game, Rafe Furst opinionates in the following ways, about decision making in routine life in accordance with poker knowledge.

Preferring Small Edges

Poker Situation: In poker tournament, a player may have to take thousands of decisions; every one is tagged with different possibilities of favorable outcomes. The real thing is to take small edges quite often. Not a single professional poker player will think about waiting for a perfect hand and keep on losing money. Players don’t think about the right edge to make the correct move, but they go for every smaller edge that could be beneficial.

Real Life Impact: In Real life, people make decisions in hundreds of available chances, but if they wait for the perfect one, they will surely lose. Just consider the small edges in job, in a training, or in any aspect of life, instead of coin flipping. Try again and again; that will make you smarter in your choices.

Decisions Influencing The Outcomes

Poker Situation: “Making a good decision most of the time in poker is dependent on being able to decide based on the expected value as opposed to the particular outcome,” says Rafe. In poker, little decisions giving the smaller edge to a player are accepted willingly instead of fearing about the consequences.

Real Life Impact: Human beings always have one thing in mind that good decisions lead towards good consequences, but it doesn’t happen in life all the times and the bad consequences of good decisions become a major cause of frustration. Following the rule of small edge, if the decision has 50% chances of to-be-good, then it’s surely a good decision, regardless of the consequences. Your decisions shouldn’t be taken on the basis of maximum success chances, but on small edges; otherwise, you will miss the opportunities.

Considering The Chance As Last To Win

Poker Situation: At poker tables, players sometimes make hasty decisions and they think as it is their last chance to gain success, but it’s not the case. Every situation stays for the time being. It has nothing to do with the past or future decisions. Players with wrong mindset make only wrong decisions.

Real Life Impact: In real life, people always consider big times like coming just for once and they decide as if it is their last opportunity to win. They forget what the small edge decision is. If they decide keeping in mind the long-term benefits, then it will streamline their efforts towards the main goal and let them realize the significance of small edge decision.

In short, poker has a long lasting impact over decision making in routine life. It depends on the poker players how do they learn from the game and how do they implement the decision-making skills in real life situations. Selection of the right casino is of utmost importance to learn the right strategies and to get the life long lessons. Reviews of online casinos like party poker review, help a lot in reaching the right decision about casino and then playing with the objective of learning so as to make right decisions in life.

It’s not all about poker, but its all about right decisions directing the life in the right dimension.

How To Avoid Bad Beats In Online Poker? Guide For All Poker Players!

“Nobody is always a winner, and anybody who says he is, is either a liar or doesn’t play poker.”

Amarillo Slim

What do you think? Is poker all about the show of winning power or there are some skilled players with losing game record? Is it just about claiming money through free signup bonuses like Everest poker sign up bonus, or the losing money chances are also there! One thing is clear, not a single person can claim to be winner of the poker game all the time; luck may leave for some rest and the game may be lost. Don’t get scared; it’s just a caution for the newbie poker players!

The word “Bad Beat” is often echoed in the virtual gambling forts that adds frustration to the players’ life who see this as a childish attitude of the newbie players with a strong belief in chasing anything either draw, flushes, or a straight. Before going in depth how to minimize or tackle these bad beats, it’s better to understand what causes these bad beats and how does the software of a poker room work!

The Software Connection!

The software used in a poker room is meant to provide the players with enhanced gaming experience, just like they have in land based casinos. A special program generates random numbers so works for card shuffling. Security software is separately installed to minimize the chances of cheating as well as players’ collaboration. However, as the software supports fair play, at the same time it allows the players to avoid others’ bad beats and also dole out their bad beats to disturb others. How is it possible, the lines below will tell you about the possibilities!

Tight Aggression For Better Table Rep!

You can expect from others players the response you want if you have good table rep. if you love to flop, raise, or call, the opponents will not fold to you though you have a big hand. Tight aggressive play is the way to build good table rep. You should go for playing only few hands, but playing aggressively, it will lower the flops, but will also minimize the bad beats, resulting in more cash making. With a good game rep, you can expect other players folding out in respect.

Don’t Over Bet!

The 4 available chances to bet in Limit Hold’em either raise or lower the player’s hand strength. The pot size raise in strength is for kings, queens, and aces, whereas for painted connectors, it’s triple to the blind and double for anything else. This picture will let all other opponents know about your hand and obviously, they will go for defending the hand. If your opponents understand your betting behavior, it would be easy for you to make some smooth moves at the pot while keeping in mind the opponents. Bad beats can be avoided with a hand and good table repo and it will not be affected by the repeatedly beaten hand, but by your hand’s betting worth.

The Opponents’ Count!

Fewer the opponents are brighter would be the winning chances! However, more players will also increase the pot size and so would be the winning prize, but the chances to win would be reduced.

Analyze Your Opponents’ Behavior!

Although, it’s not possible to judge the opponents while gambling online, but little observation can make a big difference. Here you go!

  • Keep an eye on your opponents’ raises or calls! You will come to know whether they are bluffing or not; it will help in predicting their future moves.
  • Notice their betting style and also their pots’ count. Their reaction towards cards in case a player raises, calls, or bets big.
  • The action time in response to flop taken by the opponent will tell you whether he is confused or wants you to think what he is thinking. Watch his actions in other hands as well!
  • Don’t rely over the tells of your opponents because these are mostly used for the opposite purposes unlike you are witnessing. Newbie players have many tells that you can’t predict precisely.

Selecting The Game You Are Expert In!

Bad players are here and there in online poker and it’s a caution for you to choose the game wisely to avoid trapping in bad beats that is a usual habit of non-professional players. If there are more bad players, then it means more would your chances to have bad beats and less would be the chances to win. In freerolls, they will make reckless calls because they are not going to lose anything and will continue to beat you habitually. Skills are not necessary, strategies are not needed, and challenge is not there, so it’s an open playground for such bad players. Choose the game where the environment is not like that, but a more professional and more competitive one. You can read some fair reviews about the poker site you are joining for gambling, like Everest poker review (if you are playing at this casino) or of any other particular casino of your choice; it will give you a better picture of the games offered there to entertain the players.

Bad beats, bad players, and bad gaming environment can be controlled, if you are cautious in choosing the right game, following the right gaming strategy, analyzing the players rightly, and betting wisely. Whether you are a professional player or at start of your professional poker career, use your grey cells, the online poker forts are ready to welcome your winning spirits.

Go and conquer!

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