Signing up to an online poker room is the first actual contact that players have with the operation, one that needs to be as smooth and fuss free as possible for the player. After all, the sign up process is something of a necessary evil. In today’s competitive online poker industry, it’s hard enough to convince a player to sign up. The last thing the poker room needs is to make the sign-up process difficult.
Here are a few examples of sign-up processes at various online poker rooms:

At PokerStars, you can start by hitting the “Download” button on the room’s website. You will automatically download the software which is not even 10 MB big. Hit the “run” option in order to have it installed onto your computer directly. The installation process lasts a few seconds only, even though the software needs to download another 40 MBs of data. Once the installation is done, the software is launched automatically. Hit the “log in” button on the main interface then the “Create New account”. You’ll be taken through several screens which will ask for your personal information, password/username and avatar image. Once you fill everything out, you’re ready to roll.

At Full Tilt Poker, you need to hit the same “download” button on the website to get things going. Here, you’ll have to download a 30MB install kit, which you’ll be able to set up automatically. All you need to do is to select a few options like the language. The wizard will take care of the rest. The installation takes about half a minute on a cable connection.
Once the software is installed, it’ll be launched automatically. As the software launches, a huge red “Create New Account” button will appear in the interface. Click that button and follow directions to fill out your details. Select the avatar you’d like to represent you at the table and agree with the terms and conditions. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to roll.

At Absolute Poker’s site, there is a huge “Play Now” flash button in the upper left part of the homepage. Click that button to commence the software download. The Absolute Poker install kit is a really small one, it downloads in a few seconds. It does some more downloading during installation though. As a result of that, it will take significantly longer to install this software than that of other sites’. It may well take over a minute to complete. After installation, the sign-up form appears automatically. Absolute Poker features a 3-step sign-up process. Don’t forget to use your referral codes during registration.

Party Poker have a huge “Download Now” button in the middle of their homepage. Click that button and the install kit will download immediately. It’s only about 500 KB big so the download is near instantaneous. Click “run”, select your language and the setup wizard will take care of the rest. The installation only takes about 10-15 seconds. As soon as it’s installed, the software will prompt you to log in or to create your account. Fill out the forms and you’re ready to go.

Hit the big red “download now” button on Everest Poker’s homepage. That will commence the download of the software. All you need to do is to confirm the location where you want the software installed and to select your language. The installation is basically automatic. Select “create new account” once the software starts up and fill out the forms.

Bodog Poker has an easy to find “download now” button in the poker section of its website too. Hit that button and click “run” to have the software installed automatically. Click run if you’re prompted again during installation. The software will start up immediately after installation. Click the “join now” button in the client interface to commence the registration process. Fill out the form. You can contact customer service if you meet any kind of difficulties during registration.