Top Young Poker Winners – Mesmerizing The Online Poker World With Their Winning Spirits!

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 “All great achievements require time.” – Maya Angelou

The words are golden and fit in any life facet. Every one wants to win whatever the situation is or how intense the competition level is. However, winning is not the fate of every player participating in a game, some have to accept the failure. But, is it the end of the game or just like surrendering because one doesn’t possess the skills or expertise as the opponent has? Absolutely not! It’s the start of the game actually, a knock at the learning fort.

Contradicting the above-mentioned approach, the main theme of this writing is to prove that success is not constrained by time, by experience, or by age. It comes to the people who are determined to be successful at any cost. Young online poker players are setting standards for others while breaking the winning records of older players. Whether it’s the online poker room based competition, or bigger tournaments like WSOP, young players are shining at every level.

This article is tribute to the young poker players who have constructed high bankrolls in the online poker world at very young age. Read and appreciate them!

Tom Dwan

You might know him with the nick “Durrr”. It is said that after taking a $50 deposit start at Paradise Poker, Tom entered PokerStars and crushed other players in no Limit Texas Hold’em under the nick “Holdem NL”. His aggressive playing style made him capable of shifting from $2/$4 to $10/$20, the biggest of PokerStars. His high bankroll is the result of using PokerStars bonus code rightly and defeating toughest opponents in major events.

After winning high at PokerStars, Tom moved to Full Tilt Poker where he had to face professionally expert poker players. The most remarkable achievement of Tom was becoming part of official Full Tilt Poker team. Other than playing in high stake poker games, Tom is also active in poker TV shows; that is an ample proof of his celebrity stature.

Phil Galfond

Phill Galfond, commonly known as OMGClayAiken, was believed to have high bankroll due to winning than Tom Dwan. However, he is not active at present. Experts say that if Galfond had continued playing, he would have been the top player of online poker world. After enjoying success, though for short time, he left the poker world due to unknown reasons (whether the game was becoming tougher or he was reluctant to invest big money in high stake games).


theAshman103, the screen name of the player, doesn’t have big winning bankroll on his credit, but still he is the youngest poker player who is participating in the high-level poker games at present. He is wisely using the poker bonus codes and following the terms associated with these codes for easier redeeming of the money.

Erick “E-Dog’ Lindgren

Eric was declared as 12th place Player of the Year in 2005. He also holds the record of claiming 7th and 11th position in Party Poker Million events of WPT for three years.

Michael Gracz

The only poker player who is under 25 and continuing with his record making habit. He was placed at 4th in Player of the Year ranking. He claimed top winning prize worth of $1,525,500 in the event of Party Poker Millions, held in 2005. He seems to be the highest winning players in near future.

Antonio Esfandiari

Though, the name of Antonio has been echoing in the online poker rooms since long, but the fact is that he is just 27 years old chap. He has won $2.2 million until now and is determined to win more and more.

David Williams

Fame opened doors to 25 years old David Williams, when he secured 2nd place in WSOP main event with the total winning amount equal to $3.5 million. His spirits are high to move on with his winning attitude.

Joe Cassidy

Joe, a California guy, is a new entry to the online poker world, but his strategies make him an expert player. Even in the start, he has entered high stake games and world tournaments.

Joe Sebok

Being son of Barry Greenstein means having genes of poker game. Joe Sebok is not just playing expertly in online poker places, but he has also made a place with his book on poker. It seems luck is kind on Joe as he has the winning combination to face tough opponents in online poker world.

Tuan Le

Just 28 years old, Tuan Le has won more than $4.4 million. With such level of bankroll collected from winnings at online poker tables, Tuan is moving the right way while setting example for others.

Allen Cunningham

This 28 years old guy has secured the 3rd place in Player of the Year ranking, 2005. He has played 7 times in the final tables of major events and is declared as Best All Around Player in the age range of 35. His winning nature depicts that he will leave others behind in boosting his poker bankroll.

After looking at the list, are you still doubtful about young poker players having highest winnings in online poker world? Explore poker rooms and view their winning history, you will get a clear picture of how young players are taking place of old, experienced players with right use of strategies and “no compromise over winning” nature. It’s not about underestimating the old players, but it’s more about believing in young blood and admiring them for their great efforts. Here is the strategy of these young poker guns, a message for newbie players as well.

“An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field.”Niels Bohr

What do you think about it? Any experience? Feel free to share!

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