Top Women Poker Pros – Claiming The Fame And Money (Part II)

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Joanne Liu – The 6th Placer With $2,357,614 Total Winnings

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Joanne became professional poker player from California. She did masters in computer in Computer Engineering from Bradley University. She is the only poker player with highest placing in WPT Championship. Among female players, she is at 6th place in total earnings from live tournaments that are additional to the online poker bonuses.

Olivia Liv Boeree – The 7th Placer With $2,173,287 Total Winnings

Born in 1984, Olivia is not just a poker player, but a model, and a presenter as well. She secured first class honors degree in Physics (and Astrophysics) from University of Manchester. She entered the poker world after participating in Showdown, a reality TV Show. She was trained there from expert poker pros like Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke.

The Success History

  • Winner of EPT 2010, with €1,250,000 prize money
  • Winner of Landbrokes European Championship for Ladies in 2008 and claimed $30,000
  • Claimed $4,074 in WSOP $2000 Pot Limit Hold’em
  • Claimed $2,793 in WSOP $1,500 Mixed Limit Hold’em
  • Placed 49th in Aruba Classic and claimed $5,500
  • Placed 7th at NLH Bounty event and claimed AUD18, 900
  • Won $23,000 in WPT Championship 2009
  • Placed 37th in WPT Main Event and claimed $41,000
  • Placed 2nd at EPT London, £2,000 No Limit Hold’em

Annie Duke – The 8th Placer With $2,157,246 Total Winnings

Annie started playing poker at her own home and her father and her brother were the teachers, who never give a single opportunity to Annie for winning. This home environment made Annie a skilled and expert player, who also excelled in her class.
Annie completed her graduation from Columbia University with double majors, in Psychology and in English.

The Success History

  • Won $70,000 in her very first WSOP
  • Claimed first WSOP bracelet in Omaha Hi-Lo Event in 2004
  • Won $137,860 cash prize with title of champion of the winner-take-all event
  • Became the poster girl of poker, claiming fame in the men’s game
  • Placed 21st in opening game of WSOP Europe Event
  • Was an active member of Team Ultimate Bet

Sandra Naujoks – The 9th Placer With $1,833,681 Total Winnings

Born in Berlin, Germany, Sandra took double degrees in her college; one in History and one in German. After dual graduation, she started her career as a teacher. She switched from one to the other career. Along with teaching, she was also a graphic designer and as well as a professional model. Sandra made her career in poker, supported by high achievements in different games. This happened due to her challenge seeking nature.

The Success History

  • Placed 5th at Austria Poker Tour Main Event with €16K winnings
  • Placed 10th in Bodensee poker Championship, €4,000 No Limit Hold’em
  • Placed 9th at EPT of PokerStars
  • Won EPT German Open with €917,000 prize money
  • Placed 36th in EPT Grand Finale, Monte Carlo, held in 2009
  • Placed 10th at WSOP Europe €5K Pot Limit Omaha Event
  • Contributed in Team Cup, in Mountain Poker Party, held in 2009. For details, read any Party Poker review
  • Grabbed title of European Female Poker Player of the Year 2008

Mimi Tran – The 10th Placer With $1,499,683 Total Winnings

Born in Nha Trang, Vietnam, Mimi Tran moved to U.S. and started working in Silicon Valley. She got disabled due to an auto accident and ‘no work’ led her to start playing poker.

The Success History

  • Placed 4th in WSOP events 1998
  • Placed 2nd in WSOP $2,500 Limit Hold’em Event 1999 with claimed money of $113,000
  • Placed 4th in WSOP Circuit Championship
  • Laced 3rd in televised WPT final event and claimed $472,000 prize money
  • Won $25,000 prize money in National Heads-Up Poker Championship
  • One among few women who show action in “The Big Game”

Are these not inspirations for women around the globe to try their skills in the poker industry and support their families in the ongoing economic crunch? For sure, it is a big time push for the women who think they have more energy and mental capabilities to utilize for something other than their home, or job.

Are Poker Sites Reliable? What’s There For Women’s Interest?

There is not a single question about the reliability of the poker websites as moving along poker websites’ reviews like Everest Poker Review, will prove to be beneficial for the starters of this unique web based gaming zone.

The most interesting thing about online poker that goes in favor of women is that they can play while living in the comforts of their homes. They don’t have to surrender their other activities, as they can play whenever they want. Thanks to online poker, that seems specifically developed for women.

What Should The Female Poker Newbie do?

Before joining any online poker place, it’s strongly advised to search fro some reputed poker review sites. After reading a realistic poker review, you can decide whether it suits you and your investment or not. You can also get the latest poker codes for claiming the bonuses offered by the poker websites.Learning from online poker guides is also important at the initial stages, because poker is just like any other game, where learning doors should remain open all the times, for highest winnings.

The Final Lesson!

Don’t be afraid to compete in the world that you think is being dominated by men, yes, the Poker World. All the women are welcomed to this money making profession, where fame is only for those who have the spirit to win. Can you dare to leave behind all the above mentioned female poker celebrities? If yes, then don’t just fantasize, start playing poker online, where huge prizes are waiting for you.

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