Top Hollywood Movies Carrying The Poker Approach

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Media capturing tournaments, attentive spectators, rush of players, great prizes, amazing bonuses, the poker story doesn’t end here; Hollywood is equally contributing toward the popularity of the thrilling online games. Big screen fans are watching poker as part of the movies; some portray the online poker game in perfect manner, while others have made it ridiculous.

If you want to see poker movies, then here is the list with brief description:

Rounders – A John Dahl’s Direction

Released in the last decade, Rounders is considered to be the best movie on Poker game that has given fame to the high stake poker game. The main characters of the movie, Edward Norton and Mat Damon, kept on trying to win the money so as to get rid of their gambling debts. Another significant thing about the movie is Johnny Chan, a WSOP champion, who also played a role in the movie.

Maverick – A Richard Donner production

If you have watched Mel Gibson’s movies, then you will find Maverick a different approach. The movie is full of fun, though didn’t capture fully the real poker game. Mel Gibson was on hunt of money making through poker tournament.

California Split – a Robert Altman’s direction

The movie revolves around the routine life of two gamblers, Elliote Gould and George Segal. Unhappy ending, typical to Altman’s movies, is also here in California Split. Amarillo Slim, a poker legend, has also performed in the movie.

The Cincinnati Kid – A Direction Of Norman Jewison

The movie is all about Stud Poker online game. There is a battle between Steve Macqueen, The Kid, and Edward G. Robinson, The Man, both showing the best poker scenes that poker lovers might not have seen any where before. The movie is also known because of the dialogues that became popular among the players.

Lock, Stock, and Two smoking barrels – a rocking movie

You might not see the real card action in the movie, but still you can enjoy the real action, comedy, as well as the stress that Poker players have to face. A player starting from £25,000 rigged, and ending at £500,000 in his bank account; all it means the story might be really about poker game.

The Sting – A George Roy Hill direction

You will see more information about card sharking rather than about the poker game. One thing is sure that you will not repent over your time being spent there to enjoy the fun present in the movie. The movie is based on true stories about con game. Paul Newman, an Academy award winner, is in the movie as the best con artist.

High Roller – Tale Of A Poker Champ

The movie is about Stu Unger, the youngest champion of WSOP Main Event Poker for three times, an unbreakable record till now. However, Phil Hellmuth grabbed the title of youngest poker player nine years later. Michael Imperioli has justified the role of Stu Unger in the movie, giving tough time to the opponents in the game, but a desperate soul in real life.

Casino Royale – The Latest Hit

The movie is not just about poker game, but it looks like a real deal. The game gets dirty, when the players have high stakes. The movie is considered as the best movie of all the times that are specifically made over the poker game.

Futurama – Into The Wild Green Yonder

The story of the movie is interesting because the parents of Amy, makes a big casino at Mars. Fry is being able to hear, what people think, and he utilizes this ability to play at different tournaments.


The list will not witness an end, because more and more movies will come over the topic in near future. After grabbing the right attention of the media as well as the players, online poker will see an increase in the popularity graph. That’s what the poker business revolves around and that’s what the poker players are looking for.

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