Time To Start Again At PartyPoker – It’s in the Field With Stunning Offers

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Have you forgotten about PartyPoker website? It was just a temporary absence that might have made you try some other poker websites. The website was actually facing the UIGEA consequences in US, but now it has started the operations for non-US poker lovers, once again. It’s time to get the players’ share back from PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker especially after Black Friday that took place on April 15th 2011,

What’s The Strategy Now?

Two-prong strategy is being followed by the new CEO of the company:

  • Aggressive bonuses
  • Targeted and appealing promotions

No doubt, it has been serving like oxygen for the game as well as for the game lovers.


Bonus Strategy

Super Signup Bonus Replacing Low Standard Bonus

Poker players at startup can avail super poker signup bonus that is 100% of the initial deposit with upper limit of $500. Isn’t it amazing to get $500 bonus rather than some other substandard bonuses as offered by different poker website? Make the deposit of your choice and get the matching bonus, but keep the upper limit $500 and lower limit $25.

Poker Code For Initial Bonus

Do you want to know the poker bonus code for May 2011 at PartyPoker website? Note it down; it’s LAPARTY, enter when it is demanded at the website.

How Can You Earn Your Bonus At PartyPoker Website?

It’s simple; the maximum limit is 90 days to make the bonus earned. What are the requirements? Become part of MITs, cash games, and SNGs with real money.

Party Points – Do They Matter?

Yes; you need to win five times the party points to earn your initial deposit bonus. For $100 deposit, the party points should be 500. It’s not just about one time payment; instead you will get them in installments.

PartyPoker – 4th Most Expanded Network

After making a come back, still PartyPoker website is welcoming thousands of poker players daily. Though American players are not allowed at the site, still tables are always busy and crowded with poker lovers.

Party Poker

Promotional Strategy

There are lots of interesting promotions being used to appeal the targeted poker players.

New entrants are given free access to the bankroll builder for 60 days. Huge money is available for the new players of the game. It’s an additional advantage for the poker players, not offered by any other room.

Its time to get signed up with the most popular poker website i.e. PartyPoker. Make it sure that you have noted down the bonus code exactly right; LAPARTY. It’s the May bonus code. Become part of the winners at the website and see an increase in your bank account.

Best of Luck!

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