Things Women Poker Players Should not do at the Poker Table

Poker games will soon become a battle of sexes as the number of women in poker games is increasing rapidly. Gone are the days when you used to see one woman in the card room. Today, you will see at least one or two women at each poker table, which indicates that more women are joining this game.
This is why special poker bonuses are being offered to women for their encouragement. Being a woman you have many advantages and disadvantages at a poker table. If you are playing poker online then you have to make the best use of these advantages by utilizing your poker bonuses, especially poker sign up bonus.

Women Poker Players

Women in Poker

This article is the best material for newbie’s and expert women poker players as it is written to highlight all those things which you should avoid doing at the poker table. Here it goes.

  • Do not ignore your intuition because it is your real power. Listen what it says and makes a move accordingly. Your sixth sense guides you on what to do when you are behind in hand.
  • Do not underestimate your counterpart because he will try his best to divert your attention, which can be a bad omen for you.
  • Do not overlook the game instructions as they are for your own benefit.
  • No need to get emotional. Control your nerves as you are emotionally stronger than men.
  • Of course your outfits matter a lot. It should be very stylish and should speak of your taste. Try to wear clothes in which you feel comfortable so that they cannot create a problem while playing. If possible, change your outfit between times.
  • Learn how to fold your cards skillfully. This is necessary because it keeps you from losing the game.
  • Do not ever take the pressure of your counterparts because they often try to hostile you for being a woman. Be confident and have faith in your skills and luck as poker is all about skill and luck.
  • If you are new to poker (a newbie or a noob), then prefer low-limit poker cash games because they are a good practicing option for improving your ranks.
  • Do not ever overlook your ability to judge the reaction of opponents because poker is the game of deception. Make moves after reading the reaction of your opponent carefully and keep in mind that your assessment skills are better than your counterparts.
  • Do not underestimate your opponents no matter how much you are confident. Sometimes over confidence eats away your skills as termite erodes wood.
  • Do not let your best poker bonus go at any cost. Make the best use of it by using your skills.
  • Learn the poker etiquette at a table because this reflects your experience.

In brief, if you want to improve your poker ranks then keep in mind all don’ts stated above.
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