Strategy for Poker Satellite Tournaments

Satellite poker tournaments are great because they give virtually anyone a shot at the perfect rags-to-riches tale.  WSOP champions Chris Moneymaker and Peter Eastgate are perfect examples of how a person can win millions just through entering a cheap poker satellite.  But Moneymaker and Eastgate didn’t make their way through these tournaments without knowing a little strategy first, and neither should you!

Multiple Prize Satellites

Your style of play in a poker satellite should depend upon how many prizes are being given out.  In a multiple prize satellite, for example, you can tighten your play up a little bit because there will be more than one prize available.

You should play conservative in the early going of a satellite where multiple prizes will be given out because there’ll be lots of maniac players in the beginning.  After these players bust out by the middle rounds, you can start playing more aggressively to build up your chip stack.  Once you’re in the later stages of a satellite, your goal is to survive to the prizes.  Since all satellite prizes are usually the same, your only job is to finish “in the money”.

Single Prize Satellites

Singe prize satellite tournaments force you to play a lot more aggressively in the beginning because there is only going to be one winner out of the entire tournament.  Since there are usually 200 or more people competing for this single prize, you need to accumulate as many chips in the beginning as possible.  This means raising and going all-in when you get the chance so you can take other players’ stacks.  Even if you bust out early on while utilizing this playing style, it is worth it because you don’t want to waste time playing a single prize satellite if you’re not going to win.

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