Say Goodbye To Work life Stress – Make Poker Your Business!

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What is the main objective of 9-5 work life? Have you ever thought about it? What else it could be other than making a decent livelihood? Do you think it is enough to fulfill the needs and demands of your family and of yourself? World is facing the worst economic crisis. What is the most common happening these days; downsizing, cost reduction, low ceiling packages, no increments, limited facilities; you can say everything that can add misery and stress to the already suffering life is part of the 9-5 job now.

Hey, if you are thinking, “Why Do All Good Things Come To An End”, then give a stop to your thoughts. Poker is “All Alive” to share your burden and introduce you to the world of fame, the world of money, the world of luck, the world of glamour, and the world of brain fights. Are you ready to enter this amazing world? Hold on with your enthusiasm and keep reading the lines below, before you actually chose a place for becoming a professional poker player.

Why Poker Pros Prefer Poker Against Office Job?

Look at few simple reasons!

  • No manual labor
  • No strict working hours
  • No scary workplace environment
  • No limited and objectionable salaries
  • Timely reward of skills and mental capabilities
  • Goodwill gestures as free comps and bonuses like party poker bonus

Is Poker A Perilous Game?

Despite all the good things, poker is somewhat a risky game and needs caution at the end of all the players whether they are newbie or the professional ones.

  • Laziness is too obvious when a player is in the winning swing and he thinks a break is the right thing to do.
  • It becomes hard for the poker player to support his bankroll unless he wins the game, because he has invested over the game and there are conditions to redeem the money from the poker account.
  • A player often gets tempted to spend all of his bankroll over the game; that’s not a wise choice at all. The spending should only be done from the winning money and there should be a separate reserve for regular living expenses. Such kind of budgeting will also help in coping with some worst situations when losses come again and again during the game.
  • What can make a poker player worried about is the lack of employee benefits. Poker game doesn’t hold any health insurance plan, tax withholding, and the services benefits that are usually part of any office based job.
  • A poker player may have to suffer from health issues due to spending long hours sitting uncomfortably and forgetting about the good food. He may also have to face the family issues that arise due to ignorance and all the time BUSY status. The social life may also get disturbed, unless the player thinks about some poker parties and invite friends over there.
  • Tilt or losing patience is the most common risk that causes big losses. Poker players should always avoid tilting that would be the best long term strategy for becoming professionally expert.

Think Poker, “A Perfect Business Deal”!

Poker game brings success to those who think it in the business way. If it is about online poker sites, then the approach of the player should be just like that of the poker site owner. What rules professional poker players should follow to make poker “A Perfect Business Deal”, are briefly discussed below:

Play The Way You Earn The Most

Every move of a professional poker player should aim at winning or the way that leads towards winning. For that purpose, it is important to take the game seriously.

Add The Fun Spice In Gambling

Playing poker as fun is not good; however, playing poker without having fun is bad at all. Being a professional player, introducing entertainment in the game and laughing with other players is the right way to go. Let them feel you are a LIVELY poker player and you are giving them a tough challenge to face at the same time. How do you come up with this approach, depends on you. Don’t underestimate the Fish players and don’t talk about bad beats all the time. Remember; you are selling your Poker Skills and you have to be a pleasant seller to get the right price.

Be A Consistent Player!

Don’t behave like sitting for some time, playing poker, and then taking a break. A professional player should fix certain amount of time for the game and should play certain hands to see the bankroll moving the desired direction.

Chose The Location That Suits The Profit Making Venture

The most important thing that a businessman thinks about is the location that can give the right return over investment. Similarly, being a Poker Pro, you should choose the location that can give the profit you are expecting. Online Poker has many choices for the players and they can switch from one to the other option with great ease.

The advantage of online switching is the initial sign up bonus, like the Party Poker sign up bonus that is offered at almost every online gambling place. This is the free money a player can claim at the time of signing up with a poker site.

Study History Of Yours And Of Others!

A Poker Pro can break the records only, if he has studied them and learnt from them. While playing online poker, it’s easier to use any poker software that can help the players to study their own history at some later stage and improve their game in future. Some poker websites also provide this facility to their players.

Market Your Skills!

Just like a businessman market the business, a Poker Pro has to market his skills. It seems an expense for the poker players, but brings reward in real. The more poker sites know your skills, the more they will be inclined to contract with you for their own promotional campaigns.


Poker game is considered as a game of luck, but if you think the business way, you can make it your best bet. Good combination of strategies, continuous learning, entertaining the opponents, and making wise contracts with the gambling sites; these are the “Success Recipes” for any professional poker player who wants to take poker as a business.

Are you fed up from your 9-5 work life? Or want a twist to enhance the regular earnings? Online Poker is the best option to make money and to claim the fame.

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