Right Bet Sizing – The Vital Element Of Successful Poker Game

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Online Poker is the game of LUCK, as commonly considered. But, have you ever imagined that the winners are not just the Luckiest people over World Wide Web; they are true players, following rules, utilizing their brains, and implementing best strategies in accordance with the situation. This is all about the expert ones in the poker field; however, armatures commit either blunders or don’t understand simple things to make the game a turning point for them. The bet size knowledge is the one critical area that is roughly hit by most of the poker players (that’s why they stay at the losing end, most of the times).

Whether its Omaha, Texas Hold’em, or H.O.R.S.E Poker, right bet sizing is the key to claim the winning money though Party Poker bonus gives some financial gains. A player may not have knowledge about this critical poker concept, but still its unintentional use is at every raise or re-raise step. An effective bet size means a player can earn more money out of the good hand position, and also stay safe from losing chips in any kind of uncertain situation.

Set Up Goal For Each Bet Size

Determine the goal for your hands to play that could be changed with the cards on the board. Integrate one goal with each of your bet like you want to isolate your opponent through dragging others out of the situation.

How To Determine The Bet Size?

Poker player should always determine the bet size in accordance with the current pot size. The betting money going into the pot determines the opponent’s pot odds. It means their calls would come due to the correct or incorrect odds. The more incorrect odds or the mistakes made by the opponent, the more would be the winning money for a player.

Bet Sizing Rule For No Limit Poker

If the hand of a player is good compared to the opponent’s hand, the best bet size is ¾ of the pot size. Rarely a situation comes when the bet size is good to be half of the pot size.

Is Big Bet The Only Beneficial Option?

Yes, because

  • It makes the opponents confused about the pot odds as they are getting the incorrect picture.
  • A player gets advantage as the opponent uses the call option while having the worst hand.
  • Low bets will give the opponents a good situation to outdraw you.

The Right Time To Bet Small

This is a unique kind of situation when a player thinks that the opponent will place smaller bet, compared to larger one and there are no chances of getting outdrawn. Despite the need of the situation, big bets are always profitable for a player.

Why Big Bets Are Preferred Over Small Bets?

  • More information comes along with big bets though it’s not the prime objective of big betting.
  • More money comes through big betting provided the player knows about the good position of his hand. So, make it clear that high betting brings more money along with PokerStars bonus for all the PokerStars players.

The Bet Size Blunder

Making minimum bet is the biggest bet size blunder that most of the amateur poker players commit. It’s not just about that minimum bet, but the players also go for the Raise option as well before the flop. So, this blunder should always be avoided by the players whether they are new to the gaming zone or are experienced ones.


Whether it’s the point of betting or raising, the pot size should always be given special consideration. Minimize the odds that the other players are getting and enhance the hand value through high betting. Passive gaming or low betting can make a player outdrawn from the game even by the opponents with weaker hands. Giving an impression of a stronger player through healthy betting is the way to claim the winning position.

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