Online Poker Cheating Types And Ways To Protect From Cheaters

“Judged by the dollars spent, gambling is now more popular in America than baseball, the movies, and Disneyland-combined.” (Timothy L. O’Brien, Bad Bet – 1998)

Are more words needed to explain the popularity of gambling, particularly online, increasing with great momentum? Obviously not. But there is a darker side of this online gambling venture, the cheats. More are the players present in online poker rooms; more are the chances to face cheats, without any clue. The cheats can be the players playing with anonymous identities or even the poker room, using some software to dodge other players. Whether it’s party poker sign up bonus or reload bonus, the cheats can infiltrate into anything happening in the poker room and deprive the players with the money they are entitled to claim.

“The best protection against Poker cheats is the knowledge of how they operate and some ability at recognizing their slick sleight of hand and other crooked ruses.”(John Scarne)

The best way to deal with cheats in poker is to keep a sharp eye on their each and every move. Analyzing the hand situation and moving cautiously with wise strategies, can help staying safe from cheats.

“When we put 50 machines in, I consider them 50 more mousetraps. You have to have a mousetrap to catch a mouse.” (Bob Stupak, former Las Vegas casino owner)

The quote is not to make you feel scared. It’s a caution for every poker player to make a wise choice regarding poker room as there are many involved in just fraudulent activities, playing with the hard earned money of the players. Safe poker sites can be accessed after reading the fair reviews and comments of the gamblers who actually play there. For the convenience of poker players, the following 2 poker sites have been enjoying trust of the players as well as of poker critics.

Party Poker: Top poker site with 100% initial deposit bonus (maximum limit is $500). TP500 is the party poker bonus code to claim the bonuses.PokerStars: 100% initial deposit bonus is available with $600 as maximum limit. The bonus is given against two deposits. The VIP program of this site is matchless and the million dollars tournaments have made it the hub of expert poker players.

“Suckers have no business with money anyway.” -Canada Bill Jones, Legendary Three-card Monte Dealer

It’s not just the players who cheat, but many poker rooms also try to rig the game by using certain software. It not only distorts the image of online casino, but also shakes the confidence of online gamblers. Instead of using certain tools and programs to track poker hand histories, the better way for the players is to learn and write their own tools to help themselves and other players as well.

The Cheating Types

Cheating can be carried out in two ways; active cheating and passive cheating.

Active Cheating – Collecting Gambling

This kind of cheating happens when players play in groups to pull others out of the game. Such players distribute the pot money among them. Almost all online casinos have trackers to track any of such activity and ban the players involved in active cheating.

Passive Cheating – The Collusion!

Sometimes, poker players exchange information about their cards with others in the game to come up with better decisions while dealing with odds. Though casinos can hardly catch passive cheating, but still some situations let the server issue warning. Rest, it’s up to the gambler to analyze situation whether cheating is being happened or not. It is said commonly in poker that

“If, After The First Twenty Minutes, You Don’t Know Who The Sucker At The Table Is, It’s You.”(Anonymous)

After getting informed about cheating ways and selecting safe online casino, a player can enjoy pleasant gambling experience. Whether it’s active or passive cheating, the main purpose is to dodge other players and take advantage unfairly. Poker game provides the real happiness and high money making, if played by following the right set of rules.

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