Omaha Poker Tips for Beginners

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Omaha is quickly becoming the fastest growing poker variation in the world.  That’s because people are starting to realize how much potential there is to make money with Omaha poker.  If you’re looking at starting out in Omaha soon, you should definitely have a look at this Omaha strategy.

Omaha is Not Texas Hold’em!

Most people get their start in poker through Texas Hold’em, and then move on to Omaha later.  That being said, the biggest single mistake people make in Omaha is trying to play the game like it is Hold’em.  But you’ve got to realize that Omaha is very different from Texas Hold’em.

You are dealt 4 hole cards in Omaha as opposed to the 2 you’re dealt in Texas Hold’em.  With this being the case, you have a lot more options in regards to the quality of hands you can create.  Top pair and two pair can win a lot of hands in Hold’em with there only being 2 hole cards for each player, but they will rarely win in Omaha.  Instead, sets of 3 cards, straights, and flushes win in Omaha since they are much more common.

See Cards Cheaply

Because of the fact that straights and flushes are so common in Omaha, you won’t top hand before the flop very often – and neither will your opponents!  So you should try to see cards as cheaply as possible in the earlier streets of a hand.  This means checking and calling before the flop a lot more, and possibly on the flop too.

Bluffing is Harder

Most people who go to the river in Omaha poker do so because they have a good hand.  That being said, you will have a much tougher time bluffing people out of hands in Omaha since good hands come around more often.

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