How Does Poker Help The Job Hunters? Best Poker Lessons For Winning A Dream Job!

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Are you on job hunt?

Do you play poker?

Confused about the link between both questions?

Stop thinking and start reading!

Poker is not just a game to play in leisure time or just a trend to follow, neither an influence of friends’ interest, nor a money making way. It’s an activity that can change your mind, can change your life, can make the situations the way you want; however, it’s possible only if you know

What to learn in poker?

How to learn in poker?

How to correlate the real life situations with poker?

When to implement the poker learning in real life?

What poker strategies to use in real life?

Amongst all real life situations, job, career are of utmost significance that need right choices, right analysis, and careful moves. How does poker can influence the job hunt or can help an individual in performing excellent in the best job interview to win over? The lines below will explain this thing in detail.

Poker And Tough Job Market

Poker game principles not only help the experts to implement the rules in real life, newbie players can also take lessons while playing for the very first time. For a job hunt, a person needs assertiveness, risk calculation, and initiative; that’s what poker teaches to its players. Fearlessness while taking steps is another thing that poker imparts in its players and that’s what an individual needs while being on job hunt.

Poker – Women – Job Hunt

Poker game gives the best lesson to women seeking job and that is “Be Bold.” Showing audacity is not bad while bargaining against one’s skills; instead staying modest can prove to be killing to avail better job opportunities.

Poker And Preparing For Job Interview

All poker players might agree that they observe other players at the table, size them up so that they could choose whom to play against for a favorable game. The same lesson implies to job hunting. Do research the company before appearing in the job interview; know their objectives, their goals, know their products, their services, their presence in social media, and foremost, little information about the interviewer. As you read reviews of poker sites before joining a one, like if you want to join Bodog Poker, then surely you will read a Bodog poker review at first, the same is true for reviewing the company you are going for interview. Get prepared to win your dream job; poker lessons will help you a lot.

Poker And During The Interview Performance

Juts like in poker game where players pay special attention to the tells, an interviewee also needs to observe the non-verbal tells for better response to any of the interviewer’s question. Maintain eye contact; sit straight on your back, instead of keeping the eyes down and having fumbling hands that show your fear. Also, don’t let the interviewers get bored or distracted; re-engage them.

Poker – Bluff – Interview

Bluffing in poker is considered logical, but in interview, you can put your repute on stake by using this strategy. However, you can do little embellishment to your responses, but avoid total lies. Show you are good in something if you know the thing up to 70% and have interest in learning more. If you never come across a thing or a job, don’t say you have done that. Complete bluffing in interview can cause heavy loss to your repute.

Poker Face – Put After Successful Interview

Once you are successful in interview, it’s time to put the poker face. Bet the way you want and make the deal, if not perfect then at least better for you. Don’t go for the first offer, it will never be the best one.

Poker And Losing The Interview Or A Job

Just like in poker, not every hand can be a winner, same situation can happen in job or in an interview. It has nothing to do with your qualification. Despite moving the right way and using the right strategies, you are losing. As in poker, a player should not let the bad beat ruin the rest of the games; failure in one job interview shouldn’t affect your future job hunt or interviews.

Poker And Hopelessness Due To Continuous Failures

If you are failing continuously in your job hunt efforts, it doesn’t mean lose all hopes. In poker, there are many players who were losing the game in big tournaments, but a single chip saved them and they come out as winners. Motivation and determination are two things that can keep you moving with your job hunt and reaching some better place.

Poker And Risking For Some Better Job Option

Leaving a bad job where you are not satisfied is a good sin. Just like in poker, a player should know when to fold the cards; an individual should know when it’s the right time to switch for some better option.


Poker is a game to give the players life long lessons. It teaches them to stay confident, be bold, move cautiously, chose wisely, analyze attentively, and behave intelligently. All these attributes can make an individual landing at his/her dream job.

Are you interested in poker or will take interest from now on to learn better skills for winning a better job? Do it, you will see the benefits!

Happy job hunting and happy poker playing

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