Lots of Exclusive Poker Freerolls are running this Month

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If you’re a freeroll hunter who’s trying to build an online poker bankroll, you should know that there’s an excellent opportunity available to play in lots of exclusive freerolls. As you may already know, exclusive freerolls offer a great chance to win money because the field sizes are vastly reduced. Now compare this to open-entry freerolls, where anybody can enter so long as they have an account at a particular online poker site.

Okay, so now that we’ve established how exclusive poker freerolls offer players a good chance to win because of reduced field sizes, let’s take a look at the specific opportunity that we mentioned before.

PokerStop June Freerolls

From now until June 30th, 2012, PokerStop.com players have the chance to play in dozens of exclusive freerolls. As explained at PokerStop poker freerolls page, those wishing to play in the June freerolls – or any other free tournaments past June – need to create an account at PokerStop; the purpose of this is so that you receive their exclusive passwords.

When you’ve created a PokerStop account, you want to download software for the poker sites whose freerolls you wish to play. So in the case of PokerStars, you’d download their software, create an account, and register for the desired freeroll with your exclusive PokerStop password.

Remaining Freerolls Schedule

We’ve put the remaining schedule for these June freerolls below, and as you can see, there’s plenty of free poker tournaments left. The freerolls all offer $20 prize pools, so if you play in enough of them you’ll have a very good opportunity to win some cash.

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