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How can you determine the popularity of a sport? Is it the players’ count or the spectators’ count? There are two other aspects of this “Popularity” term.

  • A sport becomes popular and people start discussing about it.
  • People start discussing about a sport and it becomes popular.

Whatever the criterion and scenario of popularity is, poker online fits perfectly. Emerging trend of online gambling has made people mad after it because it’s not just a source of entertainment, but a money making mode as well. World class tournaments are no more limited to Tennis, Soccer, Cricket, or other court games. Just like Wimbledon, FIFA World Cup, ICC Championship, poker game has WSOP (World Series Of Poker Online) and WPT (World Poker Tour) to startle the online gamblers.

How Online Poker has influenced the writers to communicate their version of the game or to share their success stories? This writing is particularly about that aspect of poker game. The best books ever written on Poker are briefly discussed here that will surely tickle you to explore more about the game. Enjoy Reading!

Harrington on Hold ’em Volume 1: Strategic Play (Author: Dan Harrington)

The book deals in no limit Hold’em tournaments with details of one of the best records and an in depth guide to the game. The main strength of this book is the Author Harrington as he was WSOP Main Event Winner in 1995. In 2003 and 2004, he was there in back to back final tables. Without any doubt, these two were considered as the best achievements in the history of online poker.

The book fairly guides the newbie as well as the revered players of the poker game particularly, of No Limit Hold’em Tournament participants. Players are provided with best strategies to build solid grounds during early hours of the play. Readers are also asked to go through a quiz that is of sample No Limit Hold’em Tournament carrying visual setup.

As the game revolves around players as well as their position, the book discusses less the mathematical probabilities. The Author has illustrated topics like playing hands according to positions, playing styles, and the continuation bets.

Harrington on Hold ’em Volume 2: Endgame (Author: Dan Harrington)

As the name shows, the book is for intermediate and expert players. This is the 2nd Volume of Harrington’s series of books on No Limit Hold’em Tournaments. This volume again focuses the pure strategies of the game rather than mare discussion for the interest factor.

The first volume dealt with the initial hours of the game and this volume tells about how to close the game. Heads up play and shorthanded play strategies are thoroughly discussed in this book to sharpen the skills of online poker players. It’s the best recommendation to be in the library of all the poker lovers.

Ace on the River: An Advanced Poker Guide (Author: Barry Greenstein)

This book is at second place with 96 rating points out of 100 total. It’s particularly for all those players who want to become professionally expert in this game. Unlike other books on Poker, in this one, the writer gives a philosophical approach to the game. He tells a player how to behave like a professional during the game. The illustration is made attractive with faces and places, popular in online poker.

The book is divided into three portions:

The Poker World: Deals about poker people that a player encounters during the game.

Philosophy: Deals with gambling, poker psyche, poker bankroll, and influence of the game over family life.

Advanced Play: Deals with real time examples of poker hands and the strategies to tackle any kind of tough situations during the game. The segment is supplemented with graphical demonstrations.

One of a Kind: The Rise and Fall of Stuey “They Kid” Ungar (Author: Nolan Dalla and Peter Alson)

This book deals perfectly with the life history of Stu Unger, a well known player of online poker world. Unger, being the best poker player, has spent a life full of success stories as well as the tragedies.

Writers have justified the details about ups and downs of Unger’s Life; his childhood, his entrance into the gambling world, his victories in WSOP, his individual clashes, and also his fall down. This book, for sure, is a must read for poker lovers and the non-poker fans.

The Theory of Poker (Author: David Sklansky)

In this book, David Sklansky deals with all the variation strategies of the game. Fundamental Theorem of Poker is also discussed in this book along with implications and its influence over the game. The book has brought difference to the game of many expert players of present time.

The topics described in detail include bluffing, semibluffing, raising, deception, implied odds, game theory, free cards, heads up play, positions, and psychology. It’s not wrong to say that this is the finest book written over the game.

Play Poker Like the Pros (Author: Phil Hellmuth, Jr.)

Phil Hellmuth, author of the book, doesn’t need any words of gratitude. His introduction as a “Nine Time Champion of Poker” is enough for the reader to judge what level of information would be there in this book. Phil Hellmuth provides a poker player with complete strategies from scratch to end of the game. The writer has avoided any complicated technical details of the game to make it an easy read for those at startup of their poker career.

The describing style of Hellmuth is interesting as he addresses the needs of starters as well as advanced level players, dividing the strategy section of each game into two portions. He has advised all the players to adopt selective aggression style to be successful in the game. The cash game advice in the book is not that much influential as the tournament advice is.

How I Made Over $1,000,000 Playing Poker Or Super System (Author: Doyle Brunson)

The original title of the book is “How I Made Over $1,000,000 Playing Poker”, published in 1979; however, later on, the publishing companies change the title and made it “Super System” and “Super/System: A Course in Power Poker”.

The book is the most influential one for the poker lovers. The modern poker is based on the themes presented by Doyle Brunson in his book. Beginners will find little help from this book as the strategies are for advanced level players. The Book is quite old, but the merits it presents for the poker players still have no bounds.

Poker: The Real Deal (Author: Phil Gordon)

Phil Gordon has experience of playing at WPT and WSOP events, and has been appearing as poker expert in Celebrity Poker Showdown, that’s Bravo’s popular series. Gordon has presented his knowledge to arouse interest in non-poker fans about the game.

Rather than poker strategies, this book is more about poker lifestyle, dealing with variety of poker related topics. The discussion is carried out in a witty manner throughout the book.

Telling Lies and Getting Paid (Author: Michael Konik)

The book is all about gambling stories of WSOP, but in a non frictional way. The author has divided the book into two portions; the first one dealing with the inspiring gambling stories and the second one with his personal chronicle about WSOP. It’s not about poker strategy, but still a good read for all the poker fans.

The stories are about real time betting as well as online betting. Konik has been writing poker columns in national magazines and appearing as poker analyst in FSN’s Poker Superstars.

Big Deal (Author: Anthony Holden)

Holden is a British journalist and has written many other books (not related to poker). His decision to spend one year in poker world has materialized with the support of his book’s publishing company. He has contracted to write it, if his poker dream is funded. And yes, it happened. He got help of psychology, history, and literature to make the book read worthy for the poker fans. It can be said that this book is an excellent memoir of writer/poker professional.

What are you thinking about? Online poker is a real fun and a game of intense competition. Compensating the players, who can’t afford to visit land based casinos, poker websites are serving a great cause. After reading one or all of the books mentioned above, you will, no doubt, start playing poker. For expert players, the books are rich in poker related knowledge, to make them winners of the game.

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