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Mobile Gambling Is Gaining on Online Casinos

The global online gambling industry has grown by an impressive 11 percent every year since 2013 and like will through at least 2020, industry experts say. This year, global online gambling should top $500 billion in revenues.

Accounting for about a fifth of that total is mobile gambling, which gambling industry experts say will top $100 billion in revenues in 2017. That represents about 20 percent growth from last year, and likely will top $165 billion next year — a growth rate unmatched by online gambling.

When you can gamble for free or real money virtually anywhere and play slots on your iPad or other mobile device, that’s a great convenience that even a laptop computer can’t match. Mobile devices also offer high-definition video and graphics, with exceptional sound quality,

If the United States legalizes online and mobile gambling beyond Nevada and Atlantic City, the proliferation of mobile devices among hundreds of millions of potentially new bettors could accelerate mobile gambling’s already fast growth rate.

Fortunately for online casinos, mobile gambling occurs through their systems, so online gambling won’t go away. Yet, those online casinos that do not support mobile gambling or who have substandard mobile gambling apps, will miss out on a growing gambling market.

Cellular technology also enables fast, seamless streaming of games, and app development has grown to match websites for gaming quality. With the added benefit of being able to take phone calls, photos, play music and steam video virtually anywhere, the convenience of mobile devices gives them a huge advantage among bettors and other consumers when compared to computers.

Now, as 4G and 5G cellular service continues expanding, and more service providers offer smartphones and tablets for highly affordable prices, mobile gaming likely will continue overtaking online gambling.

Eventually, mobile gambling inevitably will become bettors preferred choice for gambling, versus using desktop or laptop computers. A similar trend already occurred in online shopping.

Now, more people use smartphones and mobile devices to research and make online purchases than use computers. As of 2013, mobile devices accounted for more online sales than computers, and the divide is widening every year.

Likewise, when given a choice between using only a mobile device or a computer to gamble, 65 percent of bettors said they would opt for using a mobile device, a recent online gambling industry study shows.

While online gambling remains king for now, improved mobile technology and access are chipping away at the foundation of online gambling. Soon, a new king will wear the crown.